2011 Season

Floop 600E Pro stick cam 11-26-2011: YouTube

Floop 700E GoPro cam around the house 11-14-2011: YouTube

Floop 700E Lums Pond, DE 09-11-2011:  YouTube

2009 Season

SocAir FunFly 08-15-2009: YouTube, SD

Floop 500E SocAir Night 07-14-2009: YouTube, SD

Floop 700N HeliFun 05-16-2009: YouTube, SD

Floop 700N LakeLand 03-14-2009: YouTube, SD

Floop 500E SocAir 01-04-2009: YouTube, SD

2008 Season

Floop 700N SocAir 10-12-2008: YouTube, SD

Floop 600N AC Gathering 09-07-2008: YouTube, SD

Floop 600N HOD 07-25-08: YouTube, SD

Floop 600N SocAir 06-12-2008: YouTube, SD

Floop 600N SocAir 06-06-2008: YouTube, SD

Floop 700N Socair 05-12-2008: YouTube, SD

Floop 600N GreenAcres 04-12-2008: YouTube

2007 Season

Floop 600E SocAir 10-21-2007: YouTube

Floop 600E Gathering FF 09-08-2007: YouTube

Floop 600E Socair 08-05-2007: YouTube

Floop 600E SocAir First Flip 07-08-2007:  YouTube

Floop 600E Backyard First hover 06-03-2007: YouTube

Floop XRB lama first hover 03-07-2007: YouTube

SD=640×480 Approximatly 80-100MB per video

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