RC Heli Flight school v1.1

Flight school v1.1:  This is a beginner to advanced remote control helicopter training guide for using a simulator. It used to be hard to learn to fly RC Heli’s. But now with computers and great simulators it is much easier. Watch the training videos in the flight school to get tips on how to learn and improve your skills.

This is not intended to be the only way to learn and progress flying a remote control helicopter it is only a suggested method to improve and develop more advanced skills.  When I started flying I couldn’t find any documented method to practice.

Make sure you practice each step and are very confident doing these moves before trying them at the field.  It is assumed that the pilot can hover tail in before starting these exercises.   Good luck and most of all I hope you have fun with your improved flying or at the very least that this makes the sim more interesting.

This guide includes sections called stretch and bonus moves.  These are items out of your current skill level to try but keep in mind you should prefect  them later.  So moves you are just trying as a bonus or stretch level should not be attempted at the field just yet.


First post for the site

Well, this is my first post and first blog. This site will be used as a tool to help direct and guide other RC heli enthusiasts in their quest to learn how to fly. I’m not the best 3D pilot but I have spent the last 2 1/2 years learning how to fly. In that time I have worked with a number of people and searched the internet high and low for material. I didn’t find any substantial place to get help on how to practice and fly so I figured I would start this site.

I’m not sponsored and I am doing this on my own free time. For right now if you have suggestions or would like to help please contact me via Runryder or Helifreak. My user ID is floop.

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