Upright hovering – RC heli flight school v1.1

This video describes some of the first steps to learning radio controlled 3D flight. It is important that you have a solid foundation of skills in order to advance to the next level of flying. When I first started I searched high and low for information on how to learn to fly 3D. What I found was a lot of outdated information from an era before simulators. Hopefully this video series will help guide people on how to advance quickly with a simulator.

Remember to slowly transition what you learn in the sim to the field. Things don’t always go as well in real life. But learning tail-in, side-in and nose-in hovering will really boost your confidence and get you started.

For more information and video check out the flight school section of the site.


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  1. Rocco Parisano says:

    need some set up info.
    especially when going inverted, make sure you are in flight mode 1, or 2.