Learning to fly in circles – RC heli flight school v1.1

Finally the start of some real flying.  In this step you will learn to fly in circles.  It is really important that before you move into this level that you have a really good grasp on upright and inverted hovering.  If you can’t hover in an orientation you can’t fly in it.  A lot of people get started learning figure 8’s first but I like to focus on circles first.  The reason is without good practice in grooving a circles you end up doing lazy figure 8’s.  In lazy 8’s the circles are elongated and cross like an x in the middle.  If you learn circles first you will be able to focus on the transition in a figure 8 and not so much how to maintain flight.    I’ll leave it for a later lesson but the transition in a figure 8 is the key to a lot of 3D flight maneuvers.

Keep up your hard work on this lesson.  You will likely crash every time but just keep trying the flight directions equally.  It will pay off in the end and you will eventually get it!

For more information and video check out the flight school section of the site.


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