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Post your video and get help

If you are struggling with any of the video lessons and you would like to get some suggestions please post a video on YouTube and send me a link. I would be happy to comment on your progress and help in any way I can!

FRAPS is the program I use to capture my PhoenixRC session. It is a great place to start if you need to capture your sim flying session.


Phoenix simulator demo video 1

I’m working on how to capture my simulator motions with voice and the stick movement enabled.  For this test I am using Phoenix 2.0n.  Once I get this setup working the way I want I will start recording short videos for the Training guide.  The first video will be “upright hovering level 1″

It turns out that talking and flying at the same time while being recorded wasn’t as easy as I thought.  And in order to get everything smooth I am flying in a small window on my screen.  But I will adjust in time.

Phoenix simulator demo 1 02-10-2010: YoutTube_HD


First post for the site

Well, this is my first post and first blog. This site will be used as a tool to help direct and guide other RC heli enthusiasts in their quest to learn how to fly. I’m not the best 3D pilot but I have spent the last 2 1/2 years learning how to fly. In that time I have worked with a number of people and searched the internet high and low for material. I didn’t find any substantial place to get help on how to practice and fly so I figured I would start this site.

I’m not sponsored and I am doing this on my own free time. For right now if you have suggestions or would like to help please contact me via Runryder or Helifreak. My user ID is floop.


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