Articles from December 2013

Morphing transitions – RC heli flight school v1.1

At this stage you have developed a good base level of skill in hovering, circles, figure 8’s, loops, rolls and flips.  The next step is to work these moves into your 3D heli routine by morphing from one flight orientation to another.  In the old days it was difficult to practice this.  But with the use of a simulator and regular practice you will be switching orientation right in the middle of a figure 8 or hurricane.   Doing transitions and morphing between orientations really adds an interesting piece to your flight plan.   Start by practicing half flips and rolls until you are comfortable.  then add rudder until you can perform a roll and go from tail in upright to tail in inverted.  If you have trouble stabilizing the heli after this maneuver then you should go back and practice hovering.

For more information check out the heli flight school


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