Articles from March 2013

Inverted hovering – RC heli flight school v1.1

Learning to hover inverted can be challenging and frustrating.  But in the last few years simulators and computers have really advanced.  So learning to fly upside down can be as easy as upright.  If you want to learn to fly 3D and are just getting started make sure you start on this step within the first couple of months.  Once your brain realizes that RC helicopters can hover upside down as easily as upright you will be well on your way.  Make sure you practice Nose in, side in and tail in inverted hovering.

It will take some time for this to sink in completely.   Just keep practicing 30 minutes a night and it will come to you.  When you first try this at the field make sure you have a lot of altitude and know which way you want to bail out.

For more information and video check out the flight school section of the site.


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